Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Urbane Cyclist

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  On my way to the Ontario Art Gallery today, I stopped at my favourite bike shop, the Urbane Cyclist. It has about any type of bike that you can imagine from a basic roadster to the most expensive Italian bikes. From their website:

Urbane Cyclist is a worker cooperative. Each worker member is part owner, and all major decisions are made in a collective, non-hierarchical process. Worker cooperatives support workers' livelihoods: a very different approach from the corporate focus on the bottom line. Co-ops aim to serve the needs of a community with integrity and a vision towards social justice and genuine alternatives to corporate culture and values. If you are already a part of a worker co-op, or are interested in the idea, feel free to contact us. Co-operatives working together, supporting each other in our work is a natural extension of the co-op spirit.

  Toronto is promoting the use of bikes as a substitute for cars. From the city website:

“The City is developing a 1,000 km Bikeway Network that will ultimately link cyclists with neighbourhoods and destinations across the city. The network will serve both commuter and recreational cycling. It will be comprised of connected bicycle lanes, shared roadway routes and multi-use pathways in parklands and hydro and rail corridors. When completed, all Toronto residents will be within a five-minute bicycle ride to the Bikeway Network.”

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