Friday, 29 July 2011

Ribfest 2011

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I went to Ribfest in Scarborough, an eastern suburb of Toronto, today to taste the best of BBQ pork and chicken. I've gone for a couple of years and it seems to get bigger every time. A lot of the vendors come from the southern states and I noticed the regulars from Alabama, Florida, Kansas, South Carolina and Texas. When I first went to ribfest, all of the vendors from the south had at least one Confederate flag but I didn't see any this year. Is this indicative of some kind of social change in the States? They also had organic beer for the first time which wasn't bad. For entertainment, they had groups such as Judy Kanyo & the Redneck Soul Band.

Pulled Pork sandwich

BBQ competition judges

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  1. Great photos! I'd sure have some of that Alabama lemonade right now.

    Since I'm hiding from the heat wave, I feel like I haven't seen the light of day anywhere but in photos for a while. :-)