Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Duck face

Perfect Ahiru-guchi

  I was taking a picture of one of my daughters last week and she gave me a Duck face. This is one of those cute Japanese behavioral memes that needs to stay in Japan. From CNN International:

“Ahiru-guchi -- 'duck mouth' -- is a term used in Japan to describe a special lip formation said to be a common trait for beautiful women and men. Much like a common mallard, the perfect duck mouth has lips that jut out a bit from the face and purse slightly to create an adorable pouty look. Usually the lips' protruding is caused by 'yaeba' double teeth -- the cutesy dental malformation that idols must have to become popular.”

   I not even going to show a picture of “yaeba” and it’s not cutesy. Ahiru-guchi is one of a number of submissive gestures that Japanese women use to attract men. Here’s a list. This meme seems to be increasing lately and here is a frequency plot of the use of the term “Duck face” on Goggle.

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