Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fourth of July (Afternoon)

  This is part two of my Fourth of July adventures and involves going to the local shopping center, one street of which is shown above, to do some shopping and have a fast bite of food.

  The South street Burger company across the street in the picture makes the best hamburgers around as well as that iconic Canadian staple of fast food, Poutine.

 Poutine is Canadian comfort food and has been refered to as a heart attack in a bowl. It is basically french fries, gravy and fresh white cheese curds. The curds must be less than three days old and be squeaky when chewed. The best Poutine is found on Quebec chip wagons since the dish originated in la belle province. I tried some in the States once but they used Kraft cheese slices instead of curds. Do you know "Danse la Poutine"?

   Next I went to Teaopia which is the best tea shop in the area. They have a better selection than McEwan (see my Saturday shopping post) but aren't a first rank tea shop which would have items like first bud himalayan estate tea. I picked up some Oolong tea.

     You can have them make a small sample for you before you buy.

   And drink it in the area below:

  My next stop was that classic Canadian clothing shop where you can buy anything that you can imagine with a Maple Leaf or the words Canada on it. This place is popular with students going to Europe or adults (?) travelling to Buffalo for the purpose of trashing the place after a hockey game. And they wonder why Buffalo has the most empty houses in New York State.

 My youngest daughter who did a diploma in Fashion management did her internship at the Roots head office. The photo below is a shot of the interior of the Roots store.

   My final segment on this part of the day was Tilley's where I checked out their 40% discount. I purchased a shirt and pants. They make the best travel clothes in the world and they're actually made on site.

 That was the fun part of the day. My mother is going to a garden party on the weekend so I took her to Jacques Vert to buy an outfit since the store was having an end of season sale of up to 80% discount. There were some $250 hats for sale at $15 each which is throw away money so I offered to buy her two hats to go with her outfit but she said that she had one JV hat and didn't need another. While she was trying on the various dresses, I had to sit in a rather plush waiting room with a group of Rosedale matrons. I had been through this scene before so I'd arranged in advance a subversive attack where I pointedly open up my copy of  Grundisse der Kritik der Politischen Okonomie and hummed the Internationale. 

My mother's only (!) Jacques Vert hat

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  1. Everybody laughs at me for my love of poutine but I think it's delicious if prepared right.

    Beautiful hat! I'd totally buy it, too. And I'd even limit my subversive activities for such a beautiful hat. :-)