Sunday, 10 July 2011

Corazón de México (5)

   This post is for all the odds and ends that I didn’t have space to put in the other sections of the Mexican festival. In the evening, they had a mariachi band. It was too dark for good photography but I did find a video of the group playing.

In 1987, Jorge Lopez was invited to participate in the recording of Linda Ronstadt's Las Canciones de mi Padre. In working with the greatest mariachi band of all time, Mariachi Vargas, Jorge had the idea of forming his own mariachi band, due to the lack of authentic representation of mariachi music in Canada at the time. In 1988, Jorge began training musicians in traditional Mexican folk music. This gave birth to Mariachi Mexico Amigo. Since then, they have evolved into a professional working ensemble, eager to bring Mexico's native music to the public.  
Mariachi Mexico Amigo, like the great city of Toronto, consists of a diverse mix of international cultures. Jorge is particularly proud of the fact that, although the band members come from all over the world, they respect and do their best to preserve the traditional style and sound of Mexico's great mariachi music. Jorge is just as proud of his son Joao's long standing participation in the band and his assistance in making sure the music is true to its roots.
Viva Mexico Mariachi has become one of the most important exponents of Mexican music and traditions in the multicultural city of Toronto. Their music contributes to solidify the group’s reputation, motivated by the desire to continue offering a taste of Mexico’s musical legacy beyond its frontier.

  Finally they had a Mexican movie, "Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon contra los monstruos(1970)"

Two nights of films featuring the greatest Lucha Libre (Mexican Free Wresting) artists of all time: El Santo and Blue Demon!
When masked wrestlers/superheroes Blue Demon (El Demonio Azul) and El Santo aren’t kicking booty in the ring, they’re investigating weird phenomena, hunting monsters and saving hapless souls from the likes of killer zombies, lecherous vampires and wacky mad doctors!

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