Saturday, 30 July 2011

Indian festival 2011

  Here’s another festival to which I didn’t have time to go this month. Same weekend as the Mexican festival about which I did post. Today, I did get to the Caribana festival, the largest West Indian festival in North America and the big Mama of Toronto festivals. It’s been going on for the last three weeks but I’ve been going to the other festivals that I have posted with the exception of the Tirgan, Iranian festival, about which I must finish posting. The Caribana main parade started at ten o’clock this morning and finished at six o’clock in the evening so there were eight hours of enumerable over –the-top displays and marchers that I photographed and will post when I get the time. I better get these posted before the Greek festival in the first week of next month as well as the African dance festival and the Canadian National Exhibition. Busy summer!  
Indian festival parade source JonnyL

  At least I better show a video of Indian dancing at the festival. Don’t ask me about the particular form or style.

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