Sunday, 10 July 2011

Corazón de México (1)

  Yesterday I went to the Toronto Mexican festival which is a joint production of the city’s Mexican community and the Mexican consulate. There’s too much to put into one post so I’m going to spread the experience over several posts of which this post deals with something near and dear to my heart – food!

  The festival was on the Lake front and the dining area overlooked the harbour.

  This is a tamale which I bought - beats the hell out of Taco Bell.

  Here’s some more Mexican food prepared on site while I watched.

  View from my dining area.

  Mexican sweet breads.

  The prices were excellent!

Mexican candy

  They had food preparation demonstrations by the Escuela de Gastronomía Mexicana with Chefs Edmundo Escamilla and Yuri de Gortari.

“The Escuela de Gastronomía Mexicana (School of Mexican Gastronomy) is the only school dedicated to the research, promotion and development of high Mexican cuisine. It was opened by Yuri de Gotari and Edmundo Escamilla who have studied and researched Mexican cuisine from anthropological, social, historical and cultural perspectives for over a decade.
Classes include those given by anthropologists, historians as well as more traditional classes about cooking techniques and ingredients. Teachers and students come from abroad to teach and learn with the goal of developing Mexican cuisine at an international level.
Mexico has developed a cuisine that is unique to the world and that has been recognized by the United Nations as part of our world heritage. Going beyond the clichés of tacos and burritos, outstanding chefs from Mexico introduce and teach the public the tastes of diverse regions and the techniques and ingredients will allow you to make authentic Mexican dishes.”

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  1. It has become completely clear now that Toronto is an amazing place to live.