Sunday, 10 July 2011

Corazón de México (2)

Preparing for the show.

  In the afternoon they had a puppet show preformed by the Marionetas de la Esquina.

Marionetas de la Esquina, a puppet theatre company from Mexico, has been entertaining children and adults alike since 1975. They perform some shows in English and others in Spanish. They have given more than 11,000 performances and 50 workshops and seminars. Since their creation, the company has helped disseminate and develop the art of puppetry in Mexico.

The company keeps a repertoire of 10 shows, each a testimony to the company's wish to experiment with all aspects of puppet theater, from set and puppet design, to dramaturgy. The company has a variety of themes, stages, and puppets that have won recognition in Mexico and abroad. In 2004, the Company was recognized by CONACULTA and included in México en Escena (Mexico on Stage), a programme that supports experienced and renowned groups. In 2006, company member and playwright Amaranta Leyva received the Mexican National Prize for Children's Theater for her play, The Dress. Also, in 2006 the company was awarded by the National Critics of Mexico. (Harbour front website)

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