Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday shopping

My favourite food store

  This is my favourite food store where I like to shop for items since I’m very particular. Below is a short video giving an overview of the store and the pictures were taken with my camera.

  I was shopping here today and later went to Aroma which is my best coffee shop. Beats the hell out of Starbucks.

Biscotti di Prato selection table

Cakes and pasteries

Part of the Cheese section
  I'm partial to Quebec artisan cheeses. The secret is that the best cheese is made from unpasteurized milk. I discovered this at a young age when I lived on my uncle's farm in the Yorkshire Dales not far from Haworth where the Bronte parsonage is located.  Shades of Jane Eyre. He had goats so we had goat cheese, goat milk and goat butter. I got into trouble one day when I had inadvertantly let part of the herd into the greenhouses. The farm was on the moors which were the flat tops of hills and the fog used to fill the valley in the morning so looking out the bedroom window it appeared to be like a sea of clouds beneath the house.

Tomato table
Any kind of tomato that you can imagine.

One of my favourite Olive Oils

  You can use it on ice cream (really!) since it is more like a sweet syrup. In the picture below you can see the cherry apple pie which I purchased along with the store paper grocery bag and my Tilley hat. I buy my clothes from Tilley when I travel and it has the best travel clothes in the world. All my clothes in the pictures from the Egyptian posts came from Tilley.

Cherry Apple pie from McEwans

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  1. You are posting this on purpose, just to make people green with envy!

    Loved, loved, loved this post! Thank you for putting it up!