Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fourth of July (Morning)

   I decided that I would document some of the things that I did yesterday through photographs and comments.

Toronto Botanical Gardens

  The Toronto Botanical Garden is an array of 17 award-winning themed gardens spanning nearly four acres, designed to educate and inspire. There is a complete range of innovative indoor and outdoor learning experiences for all ages including programs, garden tours, nature day camps, field trips and an extensive horticultural library; LEED Silver Certified Building with an energy-efficient sloping green roof and award-winning ecologically conscious design; rental facilities; garden shop and seasonal café.

Horticultural library
   The Toronto Botanical Garden's library was established in 1961, and was built on the collection provided by the Garden Club of Toronto. From a modest few shelves at that time, many librarians and volunteers have developed an outstanding horticultural library and information service for use by all members of the community. We now have a newly enlarged facility, made possible by a grant from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation. The current collection consists of over 9,000 volumes, an extensive periodical collection, and a multimedia collection including DVD's and CD-ROMS.

Children's classroom
   There are many horticultural programs for children at the center.

Part of the Botanical Gardens grounds
    Here's a map of the gardens.
One of the Gardens

  In 2006, the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) opened a series of 12 contemporary themed gardens spanning nearly four acres. These unique green spaces are designed for Torontonians and visitors to enjoy and engage in the splendour of nature, while learning practical applications for their own gardens. The gardens reflect the scale of a typical urban setting, making it easy for visitors to translate the ideas presented into their own gardens. The gardens are open year-round from dawn until dusk and admission is free of charge

Garden's Japanese bridge

 After I finished with tour of the gardens, I took a hike down the Toronto Inner-city bike trail which connects to the garden.

Toronto Inner-city bike trail

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  1. Your photos are always very beautiful. What kind of a camera do you use? I'm thinking of buying a new camera because the pictures I take with my cell phone are of quite an inferior quality.