Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Travelogue: Kinsarvik

I thought that I would from time to time write about some relatively unknown but fabulous destination to which I have been. My first post on this topic is about Kinsarvik, a small village on the Hardanger fiord which is 38 miles east of Bergen, Norway. You can arrive by ferry or car. I would recommend the ferry since the land route is a five hour, white knuckled drive over the mountains from Oslo. I remember a one lane road carved into the side of a cliff with a very low guard rail and it was raining so the road was slick. If a vehicle was coming from the other direction, you had to pull into a small passing spot cut into the cliff. The village was certainly worth the trip. I was on a camping trip across Scandinavia with a group of Australians whom I met in Earlscourt, London. Earlscourt is considered Kangaroo land in England as many expatriate Aussies live there.

Norwegian road
I had my first (and last) whale meat dinner at the Hardangers campground in Kinsarvik, . We marinated the meat in Swan beer and pounded it for hours but it was still the toughest meat that I’ve ever had. At the time, Hardangers was quite inexpensive but it has gone upscale since then with chalets rather than camping spots. They have also built a Best Western hotel in the village so you have all your North American hotel food. Alcohol is also expensive in Norway due to the taxes so try to bring it with you. They have a pewter flatware manufacturer in the village called Hardanger Bestikk. I still have a full set but they are very expensive now. They are special because of the intricate Viking pattern.  Kinsarvik is a premium spot for hiking, mountain climbing, skiing or just looking at the scenery.  There are four spectacular waterfalls within a few hours hiking. The water is too cold for swimming unless you’re wearing a wet suit.

On the banks of the campground

Hardanger fiord from Kinsarvik shore
My pewter flatware from Kinsarvik

Hardangers campground


  1. I'm really looking forward for more posts from this series. The pictures are beautiful. I would so love to go to Norway.

  2. Jeg ville meget gerne besoege Norge, og laere nynorsk.

  3. You don't actually speak the language, do you?