Sunday, 10 April 2011

More conversations with Lori Gottlieb

Hi Lori,

I really liked your book but I'm rung out. I gave it a good shot.

What type of response did I receive? I did have a knack with intense, artistic (Reform) Jewish women who were rebellious to seek their bashert outside the tribe.  I learned the hard way about such interesting bits of information such as you can buy Hamentaschen but not Kreplach at a Kosher bakery for Purim. On the other side of the religious spectrum, I had chats with a Benedictine Oblate and discovered that the difference in belief of the transfiguration of the host versus the transsubstantion of the host during mass was sufficient for theological incompatibility. As for nationalism, I did bump into a number of Daughters of the American Revolution.  The chat sessions came to a screeching stop when I revealed that my Ex came from an United Empire Loyalist family. Maybe they thought that my kids and their kids would refight the American Revolution. Conclusion - I'll give up this dating stuff for the moment and go sailing. No "Looking for first mate" leaders. Hope your journey is more successful.

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