Friday, 29 April 2011

Oh Canada!

The CBC or the Communist Broadcasting Company as the Conservative Party refers to it had the following comment on April 5, 2011:

"Awish Aslam, a second-year political science student at the University of Western Ontario, told CBC News she and a friend were trying to attend a Sunday rally with Harper when they were asked to leave by an RCMP officer.

Aslam said they were led to the lobby where the officer told them they were no longer welcome because they had ties to the Liberal party. Aslam said the only explanation was her Facebook profile photo showing her posing for a picture with Ignatieff at a recent Liberal rally in London."

You can’t go to a Conservative party event unless you have complete ideological purity. The article also said the following:

“Aslam said she had to pre-register for the Conservative event Sunday, which is how the party had her name and that her friend's father, who is a Conservative party member, helped them fill out the online form to get on the list.

Aslam said she wanted to hear directly from all the main party leaders and had also attended a rally with NDP Leader Jack Layton. While Aslam, 19, said she has no political affiliations and has not made up her mind on who she will vote, she did say she did do a few days of volunteering for the provincial NDP when she was 16.”

The following video is an official Conservative election ad – Canada, White people and aboriginals only. He should come to my neighborhood. The election is only a few days away and it’s time to toss Harper and all his right wing buddies out!

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