Monday, 18 April 2011

Ex deus

Holy Maximizer

People seem to be having fun with subsets of Rational Choice Theory these days. Rational Choice theory is a subset of Positive Choice Theory which says that a rational actor will act so as to maximize the satisfaction of its preferences. Positive Choice Theory and Rational Choice Theory do exist in the social sciences. I was hoaxed not too long ago by an article on Academic Choice Theory in Yves Smith’s blog which was detailed and convincing. The title was “Blacklisted Economics Professor Found Dead: NC Publishes his last letter” and you can read it here Now this has been applied to deities in an article “Posner on the Economics of Theology” which was supposedly written by the well known jurist, Richard Posner and posted by Lawrence Solum . You can find it here Since this is Holy Week you might like to have an irreverent moment with this one.  

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