Thursday, 28 April 2011

Those Unions

My mother who is a Tory and thinks that if you got rid of unions everything would be fine with the world got this Conservative fundraising material in her mail this week.

The lies that the Liberals are spreading about the Conservatives are 1) they want to replace public schools with vouchers and charter schools, 2) bust teacher's unions and 3) reduce the current teacher's compensation package with a lower "more affordable" package. The problem is that the last time the Conservatives were in power during Mike Harris' common sense revolution they tried to do all three and failed. I remember being in one of the largest demonstrations  against the cuts in Ontario history at the time. In general the Conservatives want to mimic the current situation in the States.  I wonder why Canada ranks number four in the world for education and America ranks 17th?  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we treat teachers better in many ways. Of course the States isn't resting on its laurels. Why be 17th when you can aim for 30th which they will achieve after they've pushed through all of their present plans. Its hard to be a superpower when a good percentage of your population is functionally illiterate.

The material talks about the extra $3 million dollars that the campaign will spend on advertising for promotion of the Liberals. In the states where the next presidential election is estimated to cost about a billion dollars that's pin money. Hudak's main mantra is tax cuts which is the Conservative solution to every problem.

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  1. Your mother should meet my father. They have a lot in common. :-)