Friday, 21 October 2011

Veiled threat

  Veiled is an exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada  by Andrew McPhail, Grace Ndiritu  and Tazeen Qayyum  which “examines the act of veiling the body not only as a material and physical gesture, but also as an emotional and personal process” and “the idea of a veil as a poetic device for the investigation of public vs. private space, protection and intimacy.”

  There will be a series of lectures around this topic such as “Art of the Veil: Commoditization of a Cultural Practice?” where experts will speak at the museum. I suppose that I will have to leave my assumptions at the door and approach the point of view given by the speakers with an open mind although I already have some strong feelings after seeing the exhibit. The pictures will give you a truncated tour of the installation.

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