Friday, 21 October 2011

Textile Museum of Canada

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  The Textile Museum of Canada which is located in downtown Toronto, is the only museum in Canada solely focused on the collection, exhibition and documentation of textiles produced globally over a span of two millennia. Anything of fabric is displayed with over twelve thousand accessioned items. The museum has two floors accessible to the public with the permanent collections on the first floor and temporary exhibits on the second floor. There is also a hands on area for children including looms and a spacious store of items for sale on the first floor.
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Some of the permanent displays

Greek jacket from the Ionian islands late 19th century

   This is a jacket made in Corfu, Ionian islands in the late nineteenth century using cotton, gold thread and copper
West African masquerade costume 20th century

  This a Masquerade costume made in West Africa by the Senufo people during the Twentieth century using  sisal.
South African apron late 20th century

  This is an apron or liphotu as it is known locally which was woven by the Ndebele people in South Africa during the 1980s from goat skin, glass beads, brass and various plants.
Chinese headdress 20th century

  This a wire and silver headdress made by the Miao people of China sometime in the mid to late twentieth century.
Chinese jacket mid 20th century
   This is a jacket made by the Miao people of Guizhou province in China during the mid Twentieth century using silk and feathers.
Museum shop

Museum store

  If you’re interested in buying one of a kind textile items from around the world then the museum shop is worth seeing.
Close up of central Asian purse

Fabrics for sale

Entrance to shop

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  1. C'est beau and it will be interesting to see what you come up with on the veils. I am not as perturbed by them as one is supposed to be. Not sure why. Japanese food looks gorgeous, too. You cannot get unfancy Japanese food here, which is irritating.