Thursday, 20 October 2011

Restaurant review: Manpuku

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Japanese comfort food

   This modest and unassuming Japanese restaurant is in the basement of the Ontario College of Art and Design where it serves a primarily student population who enjoy its low cost and fast service between lectures.   This post is a compilation of three visits because the portions are very large and I had to make more than one trip to get a reasonable impression of the restaurant.


  Takoyaki is flour with octopus in the center which is grilled on a special hot plate. The dish is then topped with takoyaki sauce, katsuo and anonori. Katsuo is skipjack tuna and anonori is green seaweed. katsuobushi are the dancing fish flakes of katsuo and they appear to move in the air. This is the best dish that I tasted at the restaurant and only costs $3 although it takes 15 minutes to prepare. Highly recommended.

  Ochazuke is a warm bowl of rice in a tea broth topped with nori seaweed and Japanese okaki cracker and costs $4

Negitama gyudon

  The Negitama gyudon is a large bowl of rice topped with sliced beef, green onion and an egg. Lots for $9 and well prepared. Recommended.

  The Ohitashi is a bowl of cold vegetables in a light dressing. Also recommended and cheap for Japanese food at $3.
Hotate Rice bowl
   The rice bowl with scallops, fried egg and onions cost $9. It was a large portion and well prepared.

Corn soup

    The corn soup had a good portion size and cost $3. If you like modern fast Japanese food at a moderate price, then this restaurant is a good choice. Not your usual sushi and tempera but the cost is much lower. The service is fast and friendly.
feels like being in Japan

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