Monday, 26 September 2011

Running of the Squirrels


  1. Priceless! his will go on my Sunday Link Encyclopedia.

  2. Hilarious and slightly frightening - they really are vermin!

  3. Actually St. Vermin is a play on words. The patron saint of Pamplona is Saint Fermin. According to Wikipedia:

    Fermin is said to have been the son of a Roman of senatorial rank in Pamplona in the 3rd century, who was converted to Christianity by Saint Honestus, a disciple of Saint Saturninus. According to tradition, he was baptised by Saturninus (in Navarre also known as Saint Cernin) at the spot now known as the "Small Well of Saint Cernin." Fermin was ordained a priest in Toulouse and returned to Pamplona as its first bishop. On a later preaching voyage, Fermin was beheaded in Amiens, France; and is now considered a martyr in the Catholic Church. It is believed he died on September 25, AD 303.