Friday, 2 September 2011

Restaurant review: C5

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  This restaurant is on the fifth floor of the new section known as the crystal wing of the Royal Ontario Museum and this is where it gets its name. I’ve been here many times with my oldest daughter when she was studying Latin and classical Greek at the University of Toronto which is adjacent to the building. I went today (September 2, 2011) before I explored the exhibits on the lower floors of the museum.
C5 dining area
My table

C5 bar

C5 bar area to the right of the last photo
Cocktail menu
2 oz. Romtini
  For a mixed drink to start the meal, I had two Romtini since one is barely enough to drink. It consists of  Vodka, late harvest riesling - a very sweet wine, smoked maple syrup, flamed orange zest and a nash of bitters. Very good but one is not enough.

Open but discrete kitchen
Bouillabaisse appetizer

  For my appetizer, I ordered an Orange and Fennel scented bouillabaisse with Dungeness crab, Littleneck clams and calamari.
grilled Berkshire Pork shoulder

  For my main course, I had a grilled Berkshire Pork shoulder with couscous, peach & cream corn, aspiration and pancetta. It was what is called portion controlled (small) and a bit over salted for my taste but all withstanding an excellent entre. Two 4 oz. glasses of a decent Shiraz wine to go with it.

lemon and jasmine Panna Cotta

  I chose a lemon and jasmine Panna Cotta with champagne and fennel jelly, lemon meringue and green apple fennel sorbet for desert with coffee - the best desert that I’ve had for a long time and it tasted as if I would like more.
Two 2 oz. cocktails at $12, two 4 oz. glasses of wine at $14, appetizer at $14, entre at $24, desert at $12 and coffee at $4 gave a total meal cost of $106 plus tax and gratuities. This is a lot to pay for Hobbit food but the overall dining experience was outstanding including the service. If you can afford the cost and are willing to leave the restaurant feeling like you need to eat another course or two or if you`re on a diet then this establishment is for you.

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  1. I love this kind of decor. And the cocktail looks like something I'd totally order. And then order again. :-)

    The dessert also looks like a little work of art.