Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pseudoscience 3

Just to show that I’m not biased here’s a Russian dubbed video of the hollow earth theory. Supposedly there’s a gateway between the surface of the earth and a 4th or 5th dimension inner earth in Siberia which is guarded by fanatical FSB troopers. The last shot in the video was “inadvertently” taken by the MIR space station in 1987. A lot of weird stuff has come out of Russia over the last few decades.

Me on the Lenin hills not far from Moscow State University

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  1. Yes, Russians are full of surprises. My husband is this very manly, silent Russian type who is never thrown off balance by any misfortune. But yesterday, I told him Ray Bradbury's story about a lonely dinosaur and he was touched to tears. Why is a dinosaur so especially touching? you might ask.

    I have absolutely no idea.