Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rate my Professor

    I was reading the Inside Higher Education website today and noticed this article. Extracting a quote:

An erstwhile associate kinesiology professor at California State University at San Bernardino remains on the lam after police raided his home last week and found a pound of methamphetamine and a cache of guns. Police are charging that Stephen Kinzey, who had been on the San Bernardino faculty for a decade, was leading a double life: teaching and researching by day; directing the local chapter of an outlaw biker gang, and its drug business, by night.

  Wondering how the Rate my professor website classified this academic, I checked the site and found that his overall quality was 4.2 (excellent), helpfulness 4.2 (ditto), clarity 4.2(ditto) and easiness 3.4 (not bad). Some of the student comments were as follows:
"Dr. Steve Kinsey is an amazing (professor), who helps his students in every situation, including in their greatest need. He is a good friend of mine and we continue to get together on a quarterly basis to catch up on life. Thank god for him, because I wouldn't be a graduate without him!!!!!"
kinzey is a great professor...he keeps it real with all his students and that is why I respect him so much. He lets his students know exactly what to expect from the very beginning. I wish more professors were as personable with their students as he is. =-)
Me and my younger brother. Nascent 1% er?

   When I was in high school, I had a motorcycle which I drove down the rural concessions of Ontario but didn’t have any ambitions to buy a bigger one and join a group. Why did he keep teaching? According to the article:
Barker says that it may have been a fallback in case the kinesiology professor ever wanted to get out of organized crime. Heading the Devil’s Diciples might pay well, but it lacks the stability and retirement benefits of a state teaching job, Barker says.
   How many of your colleagues/mentors live a double life? His time management skills must be the stuff of legend since the story stated that he was a great teacher as well as chairing academic committees for service. I can just see a retiring Hispanics professor at South Eastern Louisiana University doing comparative French and Catalan Symbolist poetry by day and turning into the Honey Island swamp monster, an infamous Slidell area cryptid by night - Poesia i sistema: La revolució simbolista a Catalunya (Ed. Empúries, 1989) meets the Cajun Chupacabra. (No doubt one of Z's Yankee whore/Calvinist devil hybrids.)


  1. Honestly, most of my colleagues have trouble having just one life outside of the office and endless committees. You have to be really special to have a double life. :-) :-)