Wednesday, 14 September 2011

More zouk

  I haven't had a musical interlude with Nouveauté zouk for a long time although this is one of my favorite musical genres. If you are unaware of this musical style then from Wikipedia:
Zouk is a style of rhythmic music originating from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Zouk means "party" or "festival" in the local Antillean Creole of French, although the word originally referred to, and is still used to refer to, a popular dance, based on the Polish dance, the mazurka, that was introduced to the French Caribbean in the 19th Century. In Africa, it is popular in franco- and lusophone countries. In Europe it is particularly popular in France, and in North America the Canadian province of Quebec.
  This is popular as well in Louisiana among the French speaking areas. ”Ethnomusicologist Jocelyn Guilbault, however, describes zouk as a synthesis of Caribbean popular styles, especially Dominica cadence-lypso, Guadeloupean biguine, and Haitian compas” which is another excerpt from Wikipedia since there is no other information on the web. I came across it in one of my cross cultural perambulations investigating another matter. Nouveauté zouk is a recent metamorphosis of the traditional zouk where modern Rock is stylistically incorporated. Kim is one of the big stars in this particular musical genre.

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