Monday, 1 August 2011

No comment 2

Here’s a question from a reader to the advice column in Hairpin. About Hairpin:
The Hairpin is a general-interest blog, meaning we'll be linking to the stories of the day that appeal to us, and is a ladies site insofar as it is run by women, will feature writing by women (although guys should feel free to get at us if they see a place for themselves), and will be mostly read by women. In addition to commentary on the day's offerings, we'll also feature original content from our contributors, in the form of text, video, illustration, and maybe even media that hasn't been invented yet.
  The Question:
"My girlfriend had a nose job done three years ago at my request. (I did not pressure her.) Tragically, the procedure went wrong and her face was disfigured. We stayed together throughout this and I covered some of her legal and medical bills and did my best to support her emotionally. For the past year, however, I feel like I'm with her out of guilt more than anything. I find myself losing patience with her and making excuses to cancel our dates. I do not have the heart to break up with her because I feel obliged to look after her. I'm sure she's noticed this but hasn't said anything to me — in fact she treats me more nicely, as does her mom. Am I a jerk for not loving her anymore?"

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  1. I keep encountering this question quoted on a variety of blogs. To me, it looks like a total fake aimed at arousing people's passions. Just completely impossible to believe. Each line is a contradiction of the previous line.