Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Christian upbringing?

  I’ve commented before on Daniel and Debi Pearl’s book, To train up a child, but this is the first video by a mass media organization about the book and the real world consequences by people who appear to follow it’s teachings beyond the author's intent that I’ve seen on TV. It was on CNN tonight so I thought that I would make reference to a webpage by the Pearls about their book. For an extensive theological critique of their book, you can check this website called the The Bible Archive (no copy write expressed) where the author, Plymouth Brethren Blogger Rey Reynoso, quotes some of the biblical passages that the Pearls use in the book to justify their methods:

·         Evidence that God entrusted Abraham with the promise with the expectation that Abraham would train his children Gen 18:19 (p 117)
·         Desires must be controlled else the sowing of satisfying those desires becomes awful at a later date Prov 23:2, Gal 6:7,8 (pg 93)
·         Guarding the heart of a child against having a bad attitude by eradicating the bad attitude. Prov 23:7 an 4:23 (pg 81, 87)
·         The (favorable) example of a three year old girl who beats their doll with such admonishments like “stop it. No crying.” (Switch, switch, switch) then praising the doll for now being happy. Prov 23:7 (pg 65)
·         1 Sam 15:23, child’s rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (pg 55)
·         Gal 3:24 strictly enforcing the rules teaches respect of the Lawgiver to bring to Christ (pg 54). The rod increases the seriousness of the moral law (Prov 9:10) because there is no fear of God in their eyes (Rom 3:18). Fear is reserved for God (Luke 12:5; 1 Pet 2:17). Military uses real bullets to properly train soldiers (pg 53)
·         Rod accompanied with instruction Prov 29:15 (pg 52)
·         Ps 23:4, 2 Sam 7:14, Psalm 89:32 The rod is a comfort for the child (p 46). Prov 19:18 for giving hope to a rebellious child and to give rest to you and the entire household Prov 29:17 (pg 47)
·         Stripes are to the soul what the healing blood is to the wound (Heb 12:6) so a child properly spanked is healed in the soul and restored to wholeness of Spirit (Prov 23:13,14)
·         Eph 5:29 everyone loves themselves and think in terms of what benefits us (pg 43) regarding guilt and self-loathing
·         The child is in a body of infirm flesh with natural lusts (Deut 12:15) that entice him (James 1:14,15). They go astray as soon as they are born (psalm 58:3). God doesn’t count his lies as sin at this early age (James 4:17, Rom 5:13)The rod is your divine enforcer (Prov 29:15) pg 42
·         God spanks his children (Heb 12:6-11) as a sign of love (Prov 13:24) pg 40-41
·         The authority of God’s word in spanking. The same God who said Mark 10:14 says Prov 19:18; Prov 13:24; Prov 22:15; Prov 23:13-14; Prov 29:15; Prov 29:17. If you love him you must spank him (Pg 38)
·         Eph 6:4 as an example of teasing one’s children (pg 33) and creating a bully.
·         Every child faces his own tree of knowledge (Deut 1:39) and everyone eats of that tree. God won’t condemn a child until he has grown into that state (p 20) and after they eat they are categorized as sinful flesh (Rom 8:3). Therefore parents must bring the child’s flesh into complete subjection. (p20-21)
·         The child leaves the protection of your sanctification and stand alone in the light of his conscience (1 Cor 7:14) p19
·         Prov 22:6 Training not Discipline by highlighting commands with the rod (p 4)

  I don’t even want to quote from the book since I find it theologically illogical, oppressive and not in the spirit of the context in which these passages are found. The problems which the video points out are the real life consequences to people who try to follow the precepts as outlined in the book beyond the intent of the authors. The Pearls appear to belong more to the house of Shammai rather than the house of Hillel.

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