Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Winter in the 'hood

  Snowed last night for the first time this year so I went out and took some pictures around the town in the afternoon with a balmy minus 8 degrees Celsius temperature and a fairly brisk wind. The first is near the beach on the shore of Lake Ontario at the south end of  Main street.

The boardwalk looking east along the shore with the wind turbine and the children's summer play area in the rear of the photo.

  This photo was taken in the same place as the first one but looking north along Main street. Very few people out for a walk partly because of the slippery sidewalks and the wind.

   The ice cream store is closed for the season but most of the other stores are still open. Best ice cream in the area and home made.

  The east side of Main street looking north.

 The docks are empty and the boats are stored for the winter. No ice in the bay yet but it will come in due course.

   One of the homes decked out for Christmas. No Christmas lights because of community rules.

   Looking from one of  the side roads towards Main street.

  Hy tea is one of my favorite local tea shops and is located on the east side of Main street. From a restaurant review:

You may enjoy the full experience of a proper British High Tea with scones, cheeses Devon cream and sweets choosing from selective gourmet blends of tea or strong Americano coffee. However, your experience at Hy-Tea does not end there. Hy-Tea is a traditional teahouse with a twist. You may dine on a scrumptious, savory lunch or dinner with a glass of wine. Be sure to try one of the many house specials and Hy-Tea has the best crab cakes in town! Hy-Tea is more then just tea; it is a fully functioning restaurant.
Your hosts, Hy Niles and her sons Kirk and Nick, pull out all the stops when it comes to making you feel at home. Ask them for off the menu suggestions if you wish something cooked especially for you.

 It's not that big but very cozy and the owners are friendly as well as accomodating to long periods of reading or scanning the web.

  One view of the interior facing away from the entrance. The owners are orginally from Jamaica.

   Another view facing the entrance. Lots of choice with respect to tea or coffee. I finished my walk today with a small meal.

   Vegetable samosa with apricot chutney and a cup of Cappuccino.


  1. The winter luminosity is so pretty - the reflections from the ice, esp. in the first photo!

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