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French Children Don’t Throw Food

"Whispering" by Thibault Foubert from OhMyProd! on Vimeo.

The video is about Isaac, a young American journalist in Paris who has problems meeting women. Tonight, however, he was set up on a blind date with a young French actress by a co worker and the action in the video takes place in a Parisian restaurant.
As you know the best women in the world are French women. Ask any Frenchman. Full disclosure – I had a Montréal girlfriend when I was young who I met in the Winston Churchill pub on Crescent Street in downtown Montréal. At the time, I was trying to seduce expat American transfer students from McGill University posing as an exotic Coureur de Bois spouting Sartre and Proust while sipping Absinthe in the smoky environs of the bar and keeping an eye out for spies from the Office Québécois de la langue Française, the little Canadian brother of the French, Commission Générale de Terminologie et de Néologie who were watching for Anglo predations on the language of Molière.
Mireille Guiliano  cooking by Barry Jan lic. 2.0 creative commons
Anyway, we’ve already had a book called “French women don’t get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano, a French citizen who moved to the States in the wealthy Boston suburb of Weston as a student for a year and put on 15 lbs before she returned home and regained her gamine form and now there is a new book titled,” French Children Don’t Throw Food” by Pamela Druckerman ,an American mother of three who lives in Paris with her English husband and three children. According to this book, French women make Amy Chua’s Tiger Mom look like a wimp. They have rules such as letting the baby cry for awhile and insisting on children having at least one bite of a new food even if they refuse – “c’est moi qui decide.”
Guiliano was raised in Alsace and Provence, Sorbonne educated and is now married to an American. Spending most of her time in New York, she teaches the virtues of portion control, fresh food and variety of meals. Now French women are not only trim but also master mothers whose well behaved offspring are a joy to behold. This book answers such questions as why French babies sleep through the night, why do French children eat what they are given, how French mothers chat while their children play quietly and why French mothers wear skinny jeans instead of tracksuits. This is the latest in a long line of perfect French women books. For a reality check, you might want to read this post on Sarah Hague’s blog.  Sarah is a British woman who lives with her children in Montpelier, France and writes about her life in France on her blog.

Update Feb. 12, 2012:  Here's a video from the Wall Street Journal interviewing Pamela Druckerman.

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