Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lowe`s Christmas Market

Lowe's Toronto Christmas Market in Toronto

  The above picture is a 360 view which can be panned and titled. Best seen in full screen. This is the second year for the Christmas market and the location can be seen in the map below.

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  This is the first year that I went Christmas shopping in the distillery district of Toronto. The area is called the distillery district because it is the former location of  the largest distillery in the British Commonwealth not to mention a major contributor to the American market during Prohibition. A video below will give you more information.

  I went during the day because it's warmer and my camera doesn't seem to have a higher enough ISO to capture night scenes the way that I would like. It didn't stop me from getting lots of good day photos.

Live Reindeer

Free wine

Maple syrup

Elves on the prowl

Best Schnizel

Coffee and Poutine

Fresh white ceddar cheese curds

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