Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hola Absolut drinkers

Viva Mexico

  Absolut Vodka is Swedish brand of vodka produced in Åhus, Skåne which was purchased by the French company, Pernod Ricard from the Swedish government in 2008. In a spate of Gallic impudence (from a US perspective) they had an ad campaign showing the world political geography according to an Absolut vodka drinker. In Mexico, this campaign had ads displaying North America as if the Americans had lost the Spanish American war.

According to an article in the LA Times:

The campaign taps into the national pride of Mexicans, according to Favio Ucedo, creative director of leading Latino advertising agency Grupo Gallegos in the U.S. Ucedo, who is from Argentina, said: "Mexicans talk about how the Americans stole their land, so this is their way of reclaiming it. It's very relevant and the Mexicans will love the idea."

  I wonder how John Huppenthal, Gov. Jan Brewer and the others in Arizona would feel about it. I can just see it hanging on the wall of a Tucson Unified School district ethnic studies classroom wall.

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  1. I'm not sure I want to find out what the Russian version of this ad looks like.