Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ice Fishing

A Short Film About Ice Fishing from Jason Shahinfar on Vimeo.

Normally I would be ice fishing on Lake Simcoe at this time of the year but it has been unseasonally warm this year with most of the days this month above freezing so I'm still waiting. The video above is about how not to ice fish and shows the unfortunate consequences. The location of Lake Simcoe is on the map below and is sixty miles north of Toronto.

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The picture below was taken approximately where the marker in the map is placed.

by Scaturchi lic. cc by nc-nd-2.0
 You can see the ice huts in the picture which are the high end of ice fishing. There are also nylon ice fishing tents as well as just sitting out on the ice with a cold weather suit. With a wind chill of minus 30 degrees Celsius on Lake Simcoe at night, I prefer a hut with a heater and lots of beer. Maybe a fish finder and fish cam for help. The video below is without doubt the low end of ice fishing.

Shopping at Canadian Tire for supplies.

Ice fishing rods. Shorter for fitting inside an ice hut.

An essential piece of equipment for gutting fish.

The fishcam so you can see what`s happening below and used with the fish finder. Notice the fake fish.
Hut or tent heater

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Coleman coffee maker

Sometimes life is a little less calculated and you have to make an igloo.

Myself Entering an igloo

Me inside an igloo - lots of light

Me dog sledding up north

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  1. I miss snow more than I can describe. Everything is great about the place where I am except the weather. :-(