Monday, 2 May 2011

NDP comrades

Now that the NDP is the official opposition party in Canada, you’re probably going to hear a lot of B.S. in the media about the Canadian commie party especially in America. My mother thinks that they’re all mainland China and East European immigrants but I told her that those folks probably voted Conservative. The current electoral map in the Toronto area seems to bear this out. They really hold the traditional Canadian center which was the territory of the Liberal party until they decided that the electorate had shifted right so they made a strategic decision to become the soft right. They learned this election that when folks want to vote right they’re going to vote for the real Conservatives.

The socialist movement in Canada is really an American import. Between 1890 and the start of WW1, about a million American farmers immigrated from the American heartland to the Canadian prairies and they brought their populist ideology with them.  The following is a video about this story.  

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