Monday, 2 May 2011

Canadian Election results

Canadian 2011 political compass

  I’m glad that I bought that bottle of wine. I’m going to need it. The basic themes of the election results are a Conservative majority, the obliteration of the BQ in Quebec, the destruction of the Liberal party and the rise of the NDP. This election is the death knell of the arrogance of the Liberal Party as the natural governing party of Canada. They waited one election too many to grow out of their denial and tried to portray themselves as a center right party. If people want to vote Conservative then they’ll vote for the real Conservatives. The NDP is now in the part of the political spectrum where the Liberals used to be and folks voted for them. It’s also a bad day for immigrants, women and anyone who believes in social justice. I’ll have to take some time to analysis the election before I write any sort of serious post.
  There are a few points that I feel confident in writing. If Canadians feel it’s alright to re-elect a party that has no respect for parliamentary traditions or the democratic process then they deserve what they’re going to get. I had higher expectations. The second point is the shift of the recent immigrant vote from the Liberals to the Conservatives who, to give one example, shut down the English as a Second Language centers. This I don’t understand.  The third point is a concept derived from the book by Michael Adams titled “American backlash” which was published in 2005. Michael Adams is a Canadian social scientist who analyzes social and political trends in both Canada and the United States. I have found his work in retrospect to be very accurate. His thesis is that Canada is getting more like the States but the States is getting less like Canada faster than this country is becoming more like America. This Canadian election implies that the right wing crazies are going to take over America in 2012. If Obama tries to triangulate himself into the so called center he’s going to get creamed like the Liberals did here. I need to meet some nice Scandinavian woman and immigrate before it’s too late. The election results as of midnight are:
Conservatives      elected in 161 and leading in 5
Liberals                 elected in   31 and leading in 3
NDP                       elected in 98 and leading in 5
Bloc Q.                  elected in   3
Green                    elected in 1

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  1. There is at least 1 progressive and 1 semi-progressive party in Canada, while in the US. . . you know.

    Don't emigrate just yet. Canada will be back, I'm sure of it.