Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Canadian Academics Anti- American

Nest of Socialists

A cable from a US embassy official to his superiors in Washington released last week by Wiki leaks contained remarks demonstrating that Canadian academics show a persistent anti-American bias according to an article in National Post.

“Apart from surges of solidarity after 9/11 and after President Obama’s election and — even more so, his February 19 visit (to Canada) — many Canadian politicians, pundits, and, most of all, academics at traditionally liberal universities have resorted too easily, to a shallow anti-Americanism. The war in Iraq and the detentions at Guantanamo Bay further added fuel to this fire, which is at distinct odds from the overwhelmingly friendly partnership between our nations and people,” the cable reads. (National Post)
This particular official was studying at the University of Ottawa which is well known for its left wing commie faculty. Now that Harper has a majority government we can expect a purge of this Havana U. of the north. This same institution cancelled a lecture by main stream commentator, Ann Coulter, after she told a Muslim student at the University of London Ontario to take a camel for transportation. Ms. Coulter later called the University of Ottawa bush league and I don’t think that she was referring to George Bush.

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  1. The "Havana U. of the north" is priceless.