Sunday, 1 April 2012

Things go better with Koch

New conservative magazine

There’s a new conservative magazine in town with pretentions to foster conservative values`` and counter “liberal bias” which has two attractive, clean cut Nordic types on the front page who wouldn’t look out of place gracing the cover of Aryan magazine. This is the first magazine with a word count after every entry on the content list. I guess that most of their prospective subscribers are reading challenged and used to those teen supermarket tabloids which have a maximum of three paragraphs per story. Don’t expect cogent arguments and appeals to critical thinking or at least a logical progression of thought which isn’t tainted by right wing jeremiads. The writers hail from Fox news and conservative think tanks. It certainly divides the world into good conservatives and bad liberals with a Manichean clarity as the video below demonstrates.

 Some of the articles are to alert naive youth to subliminal propaganda such as the one on the popular TV show, Glee where the intro quote says “innocent fun outside but hardcore social liberalism inside.``  Come to think of it the Glee club name in the television series – New Directions – does sound slightly subversive although the fictional High school was named after an American Republican president , William Mc Kinley who was assassinated by an anarchist - coincidence or a secret liberal conspiracy by the mass media to indoctrinate  youth?  Another title is “Ronald Regan, our first black president” and describes how Afro Americans achieved greater economic equality under Regan rather than Obama. It doesn’t mention how a much higher percentage of destructive subprime loans were foisted on predominantly Afro American neighbourhoods by unscrupulous bankers using the infamous reverse red lining strategy during Bush’s term in office.  The story with the title ``Why abstention works and how it can work for you`` with the subtitle ``Science shows that it’s best to wait. `` Yes. Let the professionals handle the youthful libidos and more profit to Wall Street. According to a NYT article, “The biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called The owners turn out to include private equity financiers, including Goldman Sachs with a 16 percent stake.”

A libertarian viewpoint segment with the story line that government creates poverty using the premise government financial aid creates dependency so people lack the will to search for work with a particular emphasis on native people in the article. These libertarian diatribes are never about the loss of civil liberties incurred by the NDAA gutting of the bill of rights, the evisceration of the citizenship section of the 14th amendment by the enemy expatriation act or the destruction of the first amendment rights of freedom of speech and the right of peaceful assembly in the recent Georgia SB 469.   You have the expected story from a neo-liberal economist, Walter E. Williams of George Mason University, about ” Understanding Liberals” reflecting on the evils of redistributing wealth through tax policy or as he says legalized theft. These are the same people that coined the phrase, tax burden, as if taxes produce no utility such as roads, schools etc. The end of progressive taxation is more important than losing your citizenship in secret by an unelected official using arbitrary criteria without legal recourse as in HB 3166 commonly known as the enemy expatriation act.

It’s a prima facie truth among American Conservatives that the purpose of traditional colleges is to inculcate youth with left wing ideas using the ubiquitous liberal professor, harbinger of radical thoughts and socialist agendas. The info graph below is from a website that evaluates online schooling and it might be interesting to note that the top three ranked online schools on the website are Liberty University, the University of Phoenix and Kaplan  University. The first is a private fundamentalist Christian conservative school founded by Jerry Falwell and the last two are for profit online schools. Kaplan University is owned by the Washington Post and accounts for 58% of the newspaper’s revenue which might explain the recent printing on its opinion page of an article by David C. Levy trashing public higher education professors as overpaid and underworked. Good PR which might help the newspaper’s bottom line.

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To find out where your geographic area is located on the conservative – liberal spectrum, check the info graphic below.


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