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Tête carré App

Tête carré

La bibliothèque municipale de Nice concue par les architectes Bayard et Chapus et le sculpteur Sacha Sosno. (“Tête carré by mistinguette18, on Flickr")
Québec `s Office québécois de la langue française, the government organization which has the mandate to protect the purity of  ``la langue de Molière from the predations of the Anglos,  is beta testing a new version of the American PatriotApp which turns every Québécois with a smart phone into an informant for the OQLF. The code name is Tête carré App. "Tête carré`` is a French Canadian slang term for Anglos of any origin and similar  to the English pejorative, Frog,  for French people.

A week ago, the Quebec government in response to critical news reports about the lack of enforcement of Bill 101, announced that it will hire 43 more employees for the OQLF in addition to the 23 employees hired last year; however, critics have replied that even with the increase in staff the response is insufficient so the government is turning to a high tech solution involving a modification of the highly successful Patriot smart phone app which was released in the States last year. The OQLR received 3361 complaints last year which is a 23% increase from the previous year and the new technology is being touted as a full spectrum response with instantaneous detection, communication and response. The app which will be available on any smart phone allows the owner to photography or video the offending situation and automatically uploads the data instantaneously to the bureau along with the GPS location, cell phone number, time and date.
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The above is by Riba via Wikipedia under CC licence
Christine St-Pierre, the Liberal cabinet minister, said last Friday in response to PQ criticism of the deficiences in  bill 101 enforcement , "We have obviously noticed that the situation is serious and must be monitored closely and monitored constantly." There have been many criticisms of creeping English inroads such as the names of stores in Montréal such as the one by Gilles Proulx, the famous Quebec Anglophobe who wrote in the Montréal Journal on the Champlain Mall, « En me promenant dans le Mail Champlain mouture 2011 avec sa pléthore de raisons sociales anglaises, j'ai vu le Québec de demain. Eh oui, le Grand Montréal finira par devenir un immense West Island. » The West referring to the wealthy Anglo bastion of Westmount in Montréal. You can watch Gilles in full throttle in the video below:

This new app will hopeful end such humiliations as insensitive unilingual tourists from the States asking native Québécois (pur laine) questions like ``Do you speak American? ‘   and ‘Do you take real money ?’

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