Monday, 10 September 2012

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  On Friday September 7, 2012, Canada closed its embassy in Tehran and ordered all Iranian diplomats to leave the country within five days. The travel and warnings section of the Canadian federal government website ordered all citizens to avoid travel to Iran. Many neutral observers in the world have concluded that military action by Israel against Iran is imminent and this is a pre-emptive decision by Canada as a close ally and confidante of Israel in anticipation of military conflict. Last week, General Hossein Salami, Deputy Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said that any attempt to attack Iran would expand the warfare to the enemies’ land. “Any aggression against Iran will expand the war into the borders of the enemies,” he warned. “They know our power, and we won’t allow any aggression against our land.”

  Israel has made no secret of its desire to attack Iran before the November 6 American election date in order to maximize its leverage on the Obama administration which would be forced by the pro Israel stance of the Republicans to show that it’s tough on the “Muslim threat”.  While Israel by itself or with American collusion could deliver a significant attack on Iranian infrastructure, the expected Iranian military response perhaps by one of its “silkworm” anti shipping missiles against a tanker or naval vessel in the Strait of Hormuz would certainly draw America into a protracted trillion dollar budget busting, Middle Eastern war.

I’m amazed at the lack of coverage by American mass media that seem fixated on the 2012 election cycle with its outlandish character attacks and ignore obvious global events. The situation is deteriorating rapidly and events are moving along at a fast pace. Today the Toronto Star stated:

  At a news conference Monday, (Canadian immigration minister)Jason Kenney told reporters

Officials have been told to comb through applications from Iranian nationals to ensure anyone deemed allied with or part of the Iranian government — declared last week a state sponsor of terrorism — is barred from entering Canada.

“Many in the Persian community in Canada have been concerned that people who have been close to or members of the regime and their relatives, they believe, have in too many cases been able to establish residency in Canada and we want to ensure that people who may be inadmissible, that is to say those who perhaps are associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Al Quds force, the Basij, or senior members of the regime are not admissible to Canada under s. 34-36 of the Immigration Refugee Protection Act,” Kenney said.

UPDATE (Today):

Twenty five countries led by the US will hold a 12-day long naval exercise (starting Sept. 15, 2012) nearby Iranian waters, said sources in the British military .

During the maneuvers, participants will practice securing traffic in the Gulf of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf in hostile environment of an opponent. Western military makes no secret, the latter is Iran.

The US delegated three carrier strike groups. Presently, American nuclear-powered aircraft carriers USS Enterprise and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower are deployed in the region. Third carrier USS John C. Stennis will arrive in the area in the nearest time.

Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates dispatched large naval forces as well. Some episodes will be held with participation of NATO command authorities.

Except for securing and mine clearing activities in the Strait of Hormuz, the exercise includes strikes upon opponent’s warships, coast-based air defense batteries, missile and gun positions located near the Strait of Hormuz.


  1. It is so outrageous.

  2. Yes but have you heard anything about this on US news?