Sunday, 29 July 2012

Restaurant Review: Café Creperie

I went down last weekend to visit my 93 year old mother who was recently moved to a nursing home in Fergus, Ontario and decided to dine at a restaurant called the Café Creperie in the small, former mill town of Elora which is about three miles east of Fergus and one hundred kilometres North West of Toronto in the county of Wellington. On previous trips to the town, I had noticed the place but had always dined in one of the other establishments.

The restaurant is on the main street of Elora and backs onto the Grand River just before the river plunges into the spectacular Elora Gorge. The Old Mill Inn which was the main attraction in the town is under renovation and will hopefully open in 2015. I’ve spent many an enjoyable stay at the inn in the past.

All of the food is prepared at the front of the restaurant and the service is prompt although the dishes sometimes take time to make.

For the main course, I had the Scandinavian which had smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions, capers and lemon juice for ingredients. The dish was well prepared but I felt that there could be more filling for the price point. I realise that crepes have smaller portions of higher quality ingredients than their poor cousins, the wraps but an increase in quantity would be nice.

For desert, I had the chef’s special which consisted of chocolate mousse, pears, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries wrapped in a crepe. Again, considering that its berry season and fruit is relatively inexpensive, I would have preferred to see more filling.  The plating was well done as you can see from the photos.

 Chef Jacques Dion, who comes from France, is very friendly and welcomes you to dine on such traditional French dishes such as Gateau Basque.
Elora Old Mill Inn

All in all, an excellent meal but leaves you hoping for more given the price although the ambience of the restaurant is great.

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