Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ontario Tuition Reduction

   After years of student complaints about rising tuition fees, The Ontario Provincial Liberal government has decided to lower tuition for university and college students by 30% starting in the fall of 2012. Ignoring criticism from Conservatives about interfering with market forces and dealing with a potential flood of applicants from lower socio-economic brackets seeking an inexpensive education, the Liberals have decided to embrace the new knowledge economy and encourage more secondary school graduates to embrace higher education.  This is in stark contrast to the States where institutions such as the University of California are expected to increase tuition costs by ten percent each year for the foreseeable future and national student debt will reach one trillion dollar debt by the end of this year. This debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy proceedings and enforces a form of peonage for those unlucky enough not to have rich parents. The Provincial government is continuing its drift to the left with a socialist agenda of providing an affordable education to the masses.

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