Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Saint Lawrence Farmers Market

    Saint Lawrence Market is Toronto`s largest farmer’s market and the oldest in the city. The land was originally designated as a market in 1803 and the city’s original City Hall (1845 – 1899) is actually part of the current building at the corner of Jarvis and Front streets in the heart of historic Old Town and south east of the core of downtown. Today there are more than 120 food retailers who sell every kind of meat, fish and bakery goods including organic from most legal animals and fish.

 I like to come here on Saturday and purchase unique, fresh produce that I can`t buy anywhere else in Toronto including my favorite supermarket about which I have already posted. The only problem is that there is almost too much choice.

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  Below is a short video on the market by Bruce Bell, a Toronto historian.

Fresh rare heritage and heirloom carrots.
   Going in the front door in the picture at the top of the post.
Main food hall looking south from the north end.

Buskers in the market

Canadian back bacon

Cheeses from around the world
Freshly made paste in any colour

Oysters on the shell

  Domenic’s Fish Market sells a wide selection of seafood. Live crabs and lobsters are available as well as shellfish, shrimp, tuna, whitefish, halibut, trout, Arctic char, cod and salmon. They specialise in vodka smoked salmon.

Lobster from Alaska

   Di Liso’s speciality is fresh handmade sausages and the best seller is the Barese sausage, stuffed with beef, pork, cheeses, peppers and spices. All the sausages are made on the premises with a sausage machine where you can watch the employees preparing the many varieties. No additives or preservatives are used.

  Of course, if you’re interested in some really exotic food then they’re all here as well. You can see some of them in the photos below.

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